Americans fell in love with products from Russia.

The number of stores selling groceries from Russia is growing across the United States. And among the buyers there are not only visitors from the CIS, but also local residents.

It is safe to say that every year more and more Americans start buying food from Russia. And those who try Russian cuisine and our products once, almost all start doing it over and over again, as well as tell about their new passion for people around them. But what makes our products so popular in the U.S.?

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First of all, it's exotic. Yes, for us it is beet and buckwheat is a common product, but in the U.S. this is simply not found. And in this sense, Russian products are not much different from those brought here from other countries. Of course, you can't say that the same buckwheat was enjoyed by all Americans who would try it. But, for example, almost everybody loves buckwheat and meat.

By the way, Americans not only buy Russian vodka, buckwheat and condensed meat, but also show more interest in our fast food. Pies, dumplings, dumplings, pancakes - all this becomes a real hit not only in Russian neighborhoods like Brighton Beach, but also in other places.

Especially the Americans are hooked on our sour cream and cottage cheese. No, there's nothing wrong with milk in the U.S., but there are not as many of our usual products as in Russia. With the number of visitors from the post-Soviet space U.S. residents are beginning to take an active interest in our preferences for dairy products, enthusiastically adopting the love of sour cream.

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